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August 2018

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Standing in the shallow waters of dunlap creek, it might be hard to imagine that water levels ever rose high enough to challenge the humped covered bridge just west of Covington.

The timber structure, aptly christened Humpback Bridge, is one of about 850 covered bridges still standing in the United States. The bridge, built in1857, has survived 161 years of flooding, fires and natural decay that destroyed all other covered bridges along the James River and Kanawha Turnpike. It also survived human interference...

*Winner of an SPJ Mark of Excellence award

December 7, 2017

Buena Vista mayor-elect Bill Fitzgerald is ready for a new city manager.

In an interview on Wednesday, Fitzgerald said that it is time “for the city to move forward,” suggesting several changes, including the replacement of Jay Scudder with a new city manager.

“I really feel now is the time,” Fitzgerald said.” When the Rockbridge Report asked him in a video interview if those changes start with a new city manager, Fitzgerald nodded yes, saying..."

June 22, 2017

viewing aid.jpg

Seventeen children with severe visual impairments now can see better after receiving vision aid equipment June 21 at Sight Savers America’s annual Atlanta clinic in Midtown.

Qualified children were given an Onyx Deskset HD electronic video magnifier (EVM). The EVM, which looks like a desktop computer, is a closed-circuit television with a magnifying camera. It can magnify an object up to 131 times its normal size. This allows people with visual impairments...

June 21, 2017

On March 6, the General Activities Board announced the musician for their winter term show, who will perform the Thursday before Fancy Dress. The announcement came in the form of an Instagram post that was taken down in about five minutes, according to GAB co-chair Alec Gustafson, ‘19.


The post portrayed Jeremih, a black musical artist, as having a white skin tone. The post immediately received criticism from members of the student body, resulting in the quick deletion of the post by GAB.


Later that day, GAB published an apology post on Instagram. The caption of the apology post said the problem occurred due to the excitement of sharing the news of Jeremih’s upcoming performance. The post also attributed the error to failing to review the post after...

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