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Lexington, Va.

April 1, 2019

President Will Dudley announced Lynn Rainville of Sweetbriar College as the new director of institutional history earlier this month.


Rainville, originally an archaeologist with a doctorate degree in the field, began teaching anthropology and archaeology courses at Sweet Briar College in 2001. She was appointed the founding director of Tusculum Institute for public history and historic preservation in 2008. In 2018, Rainville was appointed as dean of the college at Sweet Briar.


“Lynn has a really unique set of skills and professional experiences that combine the study of archaeology, history [and] public history, with her contagious curiosity and enthusiasm for telling the stories of a community,” Sally Stone Richmond, a member of the search committee for the position and the vice president for admissions and financial aid, said.


The search committee to find a potential candidate for the new position was formed in the fall of 2018 at the direction of Dudley..

June 21, 2017

On March 6, the General Activities Board announced the musician for their winter term show, who will perform the Thursday before Fancy Dress. The announcement came in the form of an Instagram post that was taken down in about five minutes, according to GAB co-chair Alec Gustafson, ‘19.


The post portrayed Jeremih, a black musical artist, as having a white skin tone. The post immediately received criticism from members of the student body, resulting in the quick deletion of the post by GAB.


Later that day, GAB published an apology post on Instagram. The caption of the apology post said the problem occurred due to the excitement of sharing the news of Jeremih’s upcoming performance. The post also attributed the error to failing to review the post after...

May 18, 2018

The Woods Creek Apartment complex is facing its second round of renovations this summer, this time with work being done on the Woods Creek East building.


The University Board of Trustees approved funds up to $10 million for the renovation project that will begin the day after the Undergraduate Class of 2018 Commencement. The project encompasses future renovations for the West building next summer and the exterior of all three buildings.


The renovations will primarily be focused on the interior. The largest component of the interior renovations will be “a new outside fresh...



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